VersiFleece® AC EPDM
Versico’s VersiFleece AC EPDM membrane is factory fabricated with a patented hot-melt adhesive technology. The finished sheet is comprised of VersiGard® non-reinforced EPDM membrane laminated to a non-woven fleece backing and is specifically designed for mechanically attached recover installations.

VersiFleece® AC EPDM

Mechanically Attached Recover

VersiFleece® AC EPDM Documents

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Versico's Total System Warranty Brochure

This brochure highlights the total sytem warranties Versico offers.

Re-Roofing Guide

This guide reviews components for different types of re-roofing applications.

VersiFleece RL EPDM Form Specification

Form specification for VersiFleece RapidLock EPDM roof systems.

Specification Supplement - Part of the Versico Specification (VacuSeal, DeckVent, VersiFleece RL- RapidLock)

Addition to Versico's roofing system specifications, the Specification Supplement represents part of Versico's requirements for obtaining a roofing system warranty.  This Supplement includes information in VacuSeal, DeckVent and VersiFleece RL (RapidLock) products.

AC-MA1 AC EPDM Mechanically Attached Membrane and End Lap Splices

AC EPDM Mechanically Attached Membrane and End Lap Splices Detail
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VersiFleece® AC EPDM Media

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