X-Tenda Coat™ Plus K
X-Tenda Coat Plus K is a premium roof coating that provides industry-leading resistance to dirt pick-up and biological growth, keeping your rooftop cleaner and brighter for maximized energy savings and performance.

X-Tenda Coat™ Plus K

Kynar®-modified water-based coating

X-Tenda Coat™ Plus K Documents

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Carlisle Construction Materials Line Card

This line card lists Carlisle Construction Materials brands as well as products offered by each brand.

X-Tenda Coat TPO Primer (tdb)

Versico's X-Tenda Coat TPO Primer is a low-VOC, solvent-based primer that is designed to promote optimal adhesion of X-Tenda Coat Acrylic Coating and other acrylic topcoats to new or aged TPO (new TPO that has been weathered for less than 12 months). 

X-Tenda Coat Acrylic Coating Systems Brochure

This brochure reviews Versico's roof coating systems.

X-Tenda Coat EPDM Activator (SDS)

X-Tenda Coat EPDM Activator is a single-component, water-based wash/activator. It was specifically designed for adhering Versico’s X-Tenda Coat system to EPDM surfaces.

X-Tenda Coat General Purpose Cleaner (SDS)

X-Tenda Coat General Purpose Cleaner is a single component, 100% biodegradable water-based cleaner. It was specifically developed for cleaning TPO, PVC, Hypalon, metal, smooth BUR and APP or SBS modified bitumen surfaces.
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